Song Review: "Land of Was"

Song: Land of Was

Overall Impression: Land of Was is one of the newest releases by New Jersey-based musician Jeff Hartman. An emotional and gorgeous new tune, Land of Was pulls at the feelings of regret, youthful ignorance, and missed opportunities. It has a softer sound that washes over the listener and creates a warm, magical atmosphere. Jeff Hartman takes a highly melodic and gentle approach to the vocal line. He sings with a wonderfully attractive tone that sounds as if he is singing to you directly. Soaring and buoyant, the chorus flows with a levity that can almost be felt. It stands out as one of the finer moments in a song that is already very fine. With the release of Land of Was, Jeff Hartman shows a softer side to his musicianship that is highly enjoyable from beginning to end. 

Strongest Point(s): The feel and mood of Land of Was are completely captivating. The slow groove, punctuated by the bass and driven by the acoustic guitar, is easy to melt into. It provides a solid foundation for the vocals and lyrics, and is the biggest contributor to the mood. Hartman's singing takes a bigger spotlight in this song than his others, and does not disappoint. While the song sounds very authentic and real, there is a noticeable touch of magic at play. 


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