Song Review: "Jealousy"

Song: Jealousy

Overall Impression:   New Jersey based singer/songwriter Jeff Hartman tackles the green-eyed monster with his release of "Jealousy." Co-written by Kit Worton, this mid tempo rocker features a larger-than-life sound that's highlighted by an incredible groove provided by a powerful bass and drum combo. Vibrant piano, soaring strings and distorted guitar build upon this rock solid foundation to serve as the perfect backdrop for Hartman's potent and passionate vocal delivery. Rock fans from all walks of life will revel in Jeff Hartman's "Jealousy", thanks to its vigorous spirit and compelling performances across the board.

Strongest Point(s):   Outstanding production, excellent mix. Great tonal balance and clarity. Fantastic intro. Awesome groove, that bass sounds amazing and is locked in with the drums. Tambourine adds a ton of rhythmic energy, as do the other auxiliary percussion parts. Piano cuts through nicely and is superbly played. Nice dirty guitar tone. Brilliant song structure and arrangement. Love the melodic and harmonic variation in the pre chorus, especially that chromatic passing tone. Incredible vocal performance and a stunning backing vox arrangement. Particularly liked the way they were used in the final chorus. Lyrically there's a compelling flow and good use of repetition, as well as a fairly universal theme. Shouldn't have any problem at all resonating with a wide audience. Simply stated, this one really rocks. Stellar work by everyone involved!

Reviewer:  Steve Azami, Radio Airplay

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