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New Christmas Song for You 

I just finished an original Christmas song.  I feel it's a little different from the average holiday song.  I'd love to know what you think!  "No Santa and Me" releases December 6, but is available to listen to right here on my site right now! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Magazine Review of "Forgive Me" 

"Forgive Me"

“Music filled with light, lyrics and freedom! Harmonious accompaniment that does not leave no chance for sadness and other negative feelings. Work of high quality that is able to hook and offer a few charming minutes of pleasure.” 

“Музыка наполненная до краёв светом, лирикой и свободой! Музыкальное сопровождение настолько гармоничное, что не оставляет никаких шансов для грусти и печали. Очень качественная работа, которая способна зацепить и подарить несколько очаровательных минут наслаждения.”


"Release Radar" #21 at #1 in 2021! 

As of November, we've hit #1 on Spotify's "Release Radar" for the 21st time in 2021.  What an honor. Check out all of my #1's, along with all of my most recent releases here, on my website, or on Spotify. Be sure to FOLLOW me if you aren't already.  I am releasing 1 new song each week through January, 2022!

"Live or Die" Earns #1 on "Release Radar" 

My newly released single, "Live or Die" came in at #1 on Spotify's "Release Radar."

It holds an important message.  To check it out on Spotify:

Release Radar 

I just received word my latest single release (an original) is #1 on Spotify's Release Radar this week. 

The song is called "Party Like My Birthday," and features my 3-year old grandson, Brayden. Quite a surprise, because I wrote it as a children's song originally, and just for fun. And quite a surprise because that's 4, #1's on Spotify's "Release Radar" in the last 5 weeks. 

Please check it out: 

Here's the Spotify link to "Party Like My Birthday"

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