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Song Review: "Land of Was" 

Song: Land of Was

Overall Impression: Land of Was is one of the newest releases by New Jersey-based musician Jeff Hartman. An emotional and gorgeous new tune, Land of Was pulls at the feelings of regret, youthful ignorance, and missed opportunities. It has a softer sound that washes over the listener and creates a warm, magical atmosphere. Jeff Hartman takes a highly melodic and gentle approach to the vocal line. He sings with a wonderfully attractive tone that sounds as if he is singing to you directly. Soaring and buoyant, the chorus flows with a levity that can almost be felt. It stands out as one of the finer moments in a song that is already very fine. With the release of Land of Was, Jeff Hartman shows a softer side to his musicianship that is highly enjoyable from beginning to end. 

Strongest Point(s): The feel and mood of Land of Was are completely captivating. The slow groove, punctuated by the bass and driven by the acoustic guitar, is easy to melt into. It provides a solid foundation for the vocals and lyrics, and is the biggest contributor to the mood. Hartman's singing takes a bigger spotlight in this song than his others, and does not disappoint. While the song sounds very authentic and real, there is a noticeable touch of magic at play. 


Zachary Larson for Radio Airplay

Song Review: "Jealousy" 

Song: Jealousy

Overall Impression:   New Jersey based singer/songwriter Jeff Hartman tackles the green-eyed monster with his release of "Jealousy." Co-written by Kit Worton, this mid tempo rocker features a larger-than-life sound that's highlighted by an incredible groove provided by a powerful bass and drum combo. Vibrant piano, soaring strings and distorted guitar build upon this rock solid foundation to serve as the perfect backdrop for Hartman's potent and passionate vocal delivery. Rock fans from all walks of life will revel in Jeff Hartman's "Jealousy", thanks to its vigorous spirit and compelling performances across the board.

Strongest Point(s):   Outstanding production, excellent mix. Great tonal balance and clarity. Fantastic intro. Awesome groove, that bass sounds amazing and is locked in with the drums. Tambourine adds a ton of rhythmic energy, as do the other auxiliary percussion parts. Piano cuts through nicely and is superbly played. Nice dirty guitar tone. Brilliant song structure and arrangement. Love the melodic and harmonic variation in the pre chorus, especially that chromatic passing tone. Incredible vocal performance and a stunning backing vox arrangement. Particularly liked the way they were used in the final chorus. Lyrically there's a compelling flow and good use of repetition, as well as a fairly universal theme. Shouldn't have any problem at all resonating with a wide audience. Simply stated, this one really rocks. Stellar work by everyone involved!

Reviewer:  Steve Azami, Radio Airplay

Music Review: "The Pudgy Man" 

Overall Impression: The mystifying musical tale of a healer on a remote island, The Pudgy Man by Jeff Hartman is shrouded in the unknown. This new tune by the New Jersey-based musician boasts a smooth, enticing sound that fits well in the worlds of Adult Contemporary and Pop. From the first notes out of the guitar, a sense of mystery begins to develop and blankets the song in a haze. This continues to grow as the lyrics describe a short, pudgy man in the Caribbean. He has the power to heal, and is known far and wide for his magical hands. In keeping with this, Hartman's sultry vocals seem to lure and pull the listener along. He sings with a smooth confidence that blends in perfectly with the music. This is the sort of tune that transports you another land, and makes you want to get up and dance. It is a wonderful and spellbinding new song by Jeff Hartman that is both easy on the ears and tantalizing for the spirit. 

Strongest Point(s): There are some really wonderful musical moments in The Pudgy Man. The harmonics in the guitar line really emphasize the sense of mystery that permeates the entire song. The horns do a great job of accenting the vocal line, and the beat is very enticing. This tune has a strong Pop feel, particularly in the catchy chorus, but is held together by an Adult Contemporary sound. It fits well along the other great tunes in these genres, and is a pleasure to listen to. 

--Zachary Larson

11 Placements in 2023 "Song of the Year" contests, with 3 FINALISTS! 

I'm honored to announce that 11 of my songs have placed in this year's “Song of the Year” International contests.  

My first finalist honor along with co-writer Kit Worton, came with “Parameters,.”  in the first contest of 2023.

 2 additional finalists include “Without You Loving Me,”  (Jeff Hartman, KIt Worton)

and “Apropos” (Jeff Hartman, Kit Worton) placing in the Finals of the second contest of 2023.

A total of 5 additional songs placed in the Semi-finals of these contests.  They include:  

“Black and Blue,”   (Jeff Hartman, Kit Worton)

 “What If There's a God.”  (Jeff Hartman, Kit Worton)

"After All”  (Jeff Hartman, Kit Worton)

“The Judas Tree”  (Jeff Hartman, Kit Worton)

“Retrograde”  (Jeff Hartman, Kit Worton)

And Runner Up placements were awarded to:

"Special Plans"  (Jeff Hartman, Kit Worton)

“Stormy Windows”   (Jeff Hartman, Kit Worton

“One Last Kiss Goodbye”  (Bob Fowler, Kit Worton, Jeff Hartman)

Latest album, "Austin Jag" releasing internationally March 8 

I am excited to announce that “Austin Jag,” my 8th album, is releasing on March 8.  There are 16 songs on the album which range from pop, to folk, to rock, to adult alternative genres.  There's something for everyone on this album.  The songs are all originals written and recorded with my partners and accomplished producers, Kit Worton and Bob Fowler. Many of the songs on the album were ranked #1 on Spotify's “Release Radar.”  Two of the songs were semi-finalists in international music competitions, and many of them have been critically acclaimed by professional music critics.  I hope you will check the album out on March 8!

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